Ways that coffee is used

A type of bean looking fruit. Mostly grown in tropical climates usually in higher altitudes. Coffee is a hard seed type that are prepared for drinking and  other cooking/baking. Coffee yield better fruits in certain climates, for the temperature and the plant pattern on farms.

The coffee plant produce numerous beans at once. Sometimes a coffee crop yields thousands of beans on one tree in a good season.  The right measure of rain to sunshine ratio, provide large healthy looking beans. While a bad balance can supply small beans. The conditions may affect the taste and the potency also.

On the coffee growing  farms, there can be more than one type of coffee plant. One thing that is considered is the elevation. If the farm is mostly flat and on lower elevations. The  Coffee seem to be less potent.

There are probably more than 55 different species of coffee from all over the world and grown in different conditions. The  fruit is call a coffee cherry, because of the red color that it becomes when it is ripe.  The coffee fruit cannot be eaten  until it goes through a process that includes drying and roasting.  Really roasting is the level that is right before it become ready to be made into a usable ingredient.

So the coffee beans are dried and then roasted, making them ready to get grinder by the chosen means.


Coffee beans are most times a dark brown in color after they have been roasted. The roasting process helps with making the coffee palatable. Without the roasting process of the coffee.  The taste is very acidic and bitter in taste. The process for roasting give that coffee beans, a very strong aromatic flavor. The roasting of coffee beans is a specific type of roasting that includes putting the coffee into a big enough metal  container that allows for the coffee to be moved around continuously, causing all sides of the bean to get the required amount of heat.

The history of coffee Originated in Africa. In the mid to late 1700s, That Coffee got popular in America really quick ly after it was introduced in early 1720s.

Coffee is call by several popular names across the world. Cupa joe, hawty mug, fresh brew, java, rocket fuel, waky juice, mud, go juice,high octane. among some others, depending on where you are in the world.

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Would The Pope support this Coffee

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